Prioritizing Education as a Critical Investment

As a graduate of public schools, a former public school teacher, the husband of a public school teacher and a lifelong student, Patrick knows that educating our youth and re-training the adult workforce yields the highest results for our community and economy. A quality education experience prevents teen pregnancy, lowers dropout rates and crime, reduces drug use and builds a strong workforce for local businesses. Patrick will work with schools, policymakers and businesses to keep control local and to ensure a quality education for all Georgians. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION


Building Resilient Career Opportunities

Growing and keeping a strong local economy requires a comprehensive approach that adapts to emerging industries and incorporates both workforce training and strong economic policy. Patrick believes local opportunities can be expanded in growth industries like healthcare, technology, and sustainability. He also wants to help craft policy that encourages more worker ownership roles. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION



Planning for Smart Growth

Patrick will work with others to bring train service and a more integrated transit solution to our community. Smart growth requires more than deciding what grade of asphalt to lay down. It includes a return to development guidelines that respect citizen property values and reflect our desire to create a place where people want to live and work. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION


Managing for More Responsible Taxation

Patrick believes Georgia needs public servants who will stop shifting the tax burden to working and middle-class families while reducing earned benefits such as social security and Medicaid. The tax code gets more complicated every year and special interests influence tax breaks for corporations – a form of corporate welfare that Georgia cannot afford. 


Patrick supports a responsible tax plan in which both individuals and businesses pay their fair share. He will manage and prioritize taxpayer dollars to be more equitable and avoid any taxes that place an excessive burden on working-class families. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION


Supporting Inclusiveness

Patrick supports a culture of inclusion that allows all Georgians to achieve their goals for family, career and personal success. He runs his businesses and lives a life of diversity that respects the abilities of others regardless of disabilities, religious preferences, sex, race, country of origin or position in life. Patrick believes our friends, neighbors, coworkers and family all deserve to live their lives with equal protections. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION.


Planning for Immigration

America is a nation of immigrants. Patrick believes immigrants are an integral part of Georgia’s community and economy. As a State Senator, he will support comprehensive immigration reform that protects families, offers undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship and treats every person with dignity while protecting our national security. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION.


Controlling Crime

As a youth trainer for gun safety and as the father of a former Roswell police detective and a United States Marine, Patrick understands the role guns play in our culture. He believes we need an honest, common-sense focus on crime control, not gun control. Patrick believes laws should respect responsible gun owners and demonstrate sensible solutions. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION.



Returning to Ethical Leadership

Patrick’s parents instilled in him their deep-held belief that community service is a moral obligation. It is this sense of public service that Patrick will bring to the Georgia Assembly. He is appalled at legislators who are elected to serve their communities but instead use the government to enrich themselves, advance their businesses, and reward industry lobbies. READ ABOUT THIS SOLUTION


Supporting Those Who Serve in the Military & Public Safety

With one son in public safety, a family full of veterans and another son serving in the Marines, Patrick believes support for these special public servants and their families needs to go far beyond parades and a few special holidays. National security and a strong military and public safety begin with properly supporting their sacrifice and that of their loved ones. 



Delivering Greater Healthcare Access & Affordability

Healthcare is the greatest challenge of our time. It's especially frustrating when Georgians see elected officials implementing policies that put their families’ lives and businesses at risk, even in the face of vocal opposition from voters and healthcare professionals. Patrick believes access to health care is something all Georgians should be able to afford. Citizens should not lose their life savings, homes, or businesses to pay for treatment. Georgians should not be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Healthcare is a basic human need and should be achievable for everyone. READ MORE ABOUT THIS SOLUTION

Patrick strongly believes that public servants should serve the people, not big corporations. His campaign will NOT accept funds from those with paid interests.